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AJST, The Company Store sells used embroidery machines, Hoop Master, Mighty Hoop, and used embroidery equipment. Contact Tracee


 The Company Store






Embroidery Machines - For Sale:


For Sale

Tajima TFHX-IIC1504 Commercial Embroidery Machine

Consignment Sale

2002 Stretch (450 x 500) 4 head 15 needle machine for sale. This machine is in great condition and has been well cared for and maintained.





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  Barudan BEVT-Z1501CB II 

  "For Sale" Barudan BEVT-Z1501CB II -  single-head, 15-needle embroidery machine


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Sewing Equipment for sale:


We are authorized Mighty Hoop and Hoop Master dealers.

Look at this page for help with ordering your Hoop Master / Mighty Hoops


Hoop Master is a Revolutionary Tubular Hooping System

Midwest Products has created a hooping system which is simple in design and built to withstand the punishment of a commercial environment. Even the most inexperienced employee will find it easy to use. HoopMaster will have new employees hooping quickly and accurately in no time at all. Your productivity and profitability will increase as well as the quality control your customers deserve. Put this innovative system to work for you. The many time saving and profit building features will quickly pay for themselves.


The Mighty Hoop is a strong magnetic hoop, which can be used on almost any embroidery machine. There is no need to adjust the outer ring of the hoop, because it holds the garment with magnetic force, and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses. Mighty Hoops reduce hoop burn, and stress on arms and wrists. You can hoop the impossible with Mighty Hoops, even Carhartt!

Mighty Hoops are the latest invention patented by Midwest Products Inc., the innovators of the HoopMaster. The HoopMaster is the best-selling commercial embroidery hooping system in the world. Its patented features make it the easiest, fastest, and most consistent hooping system available in the industry. We recommend using the HoopMaster with Mighty Hoops for the ultimate hooping experience!


Hoop Master 

Previously owned 





AJ’s Stitchin’ Time Certified Machines or Equipment:

AJ’s Stitchin’ Time, AJST, Certified Machines or Equipment are thoroughly examined and tested. We make sure all the components are in working order and functioning properly or thoroughly noted in the inspection report. In my business, trust is indispensable. I don’t like surprises, and neither should my customers. I will not sell a machine or equipment that I know has issues or problems unless the buyer is aware of the issues and knows what they are getting.

To be AJST Certified, AJST must be able to inspect the machine or equipment, the software, hoops, accessories, and its components to verify that the machine is in working order and offered for sale as advertised. The initial inspection is an additional cost to the seller and subject to the Rates and Warranties listed on my site.

An AJST Certified machine or equipment is in full working order. If there are any defects in the machine or equipment the owner must have it repaired or clearly identified and thoroughly noted in the inspection report before it is listed as an AJST Certified machine or equipment.


Consignment - Commission Sales:

  • We also sell machines on consignment - commission.
  • I can help you sell your machine by contacting my customers and contacts.
  • You decide the price and I charge a percentage of the sales price.
  • All contacts go through AJST.


Machines and Equipment for Sale by Owner:

  • You can list your machine and equipment on my site and sell it yourself.
  • Send photos and a listing of your embroidery machine and equipment and I will advertise your machine for a small monthly fee.
  • Interested buyers contact you directly and you deal with them directly.


Optional Services:

AJST offers the following “Optional Services”. These services not included in the sale of the machine or equipment and are an additional optional service.

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Digitizing software
  • Service Warranty
  • Shipping and Handling







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Barudan BEVT-Z1501CB II

Call for Price

"For Sale"- Barudan BEVT-Z1501CBII  -  single-head, 15-needle embroidery machine

2010/2013 Used Barudan Embroidery Machines for sale.






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For Sale - Tajima TFHX-IIC1504 Commercial Embroidery Machine

Used Tajima Embroidery Machines for sale.

2002 Stretch (450 x 500) 4 head 15 needle machine for sale. This machine is in great condition and has been well cared for and maintained.






Tajima embroidery machine, 4 head embroidery machine, four head embroidery machine, multi head embroidery machine, used embroidery machine, second hand embroidery machine



We don't sponsor many products because as an independent technician I like to keep an open view free from monetary influences. When you ask me a question, I want to be able to give you an honest and impartial answer.

The Hoop Master/Mighty Hoop system is our exception to the rule. We were able to partner with Midwest Products and we sell their Hoop Master, Mighty Hoop systems at the same sale prices you find on their website.



* Click here to Download a printable price sheet

* Part Names and prices

* Hoop Master Logo Placement: Click here for a printable Adobe PDF file of our placement chart



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