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The Company StoreWe offer Embroidery Machines and related products for sale, plus some things you may find interesting.

We are authorized Hoop Tech, Mighty Hoop and Hoop Master dealers. If you see something on their site that is not shown on ours please let us know. We can usually get it for the same sale prices listed on their sites.






Embroidery Machines for Sale:


* FOR SALE: 2 - Toyota Expert ESP 9100s

* SWF / B-T1202D Dual Function Automatic Embroidery Machine

* SWF/K-UK1504-45


 Hoop Master

Hoop Master - Mighty Hoop

Visit our Mighty Hoop, Hoop Master page and place your order today.

The Hoop Master's many patented features make hooping easy, faster, and more consistent. You can document logo placement for quick setups and more consistent placement. The Hoop Master is custom made for your hoops, so there is no hardware to adjust. With the Hoop Master, new employees will be hooping in no time at all.





Optional Services:

AJST offers the following “Optional Services”. These services not included in the sale of the machine or equipment and are an additional optional service.

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Digitizing software
  • Service Warranty
  • Shipping and Handling



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Embroidery Machine RepairAJ’s Stitchin’ Time, AJST, Certified Machines or Equipment are thoroughly examined and tested. We make sure all the components are in working order and functioning properly or thoroughly noted in the inspection report. In my business, trust is indispensable. I don’t like surprises and neither should my customers. I will not sell a machine or equipment that I know has issues or problems unless the buyer is aware of the issues and knows what they are getting.

To be AJST Certified, AJST must be able to inspect the machine or equipment, the software, hoops, accessories, and it's components to verify that the machine is in working order and offered for sale as advertised. The initial inspection is an additional cost to the seller and subject to the Rates and Warranties listed on my site.

An AJST Certified machine or equipment is in full working order. If there are any defects in the machine or equipment the owner must have it repaired or clearly identified and thoroughly noted in the inspection report before it is listed as an AJST Certified machine or equipment.


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