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 Service and Repair

AJ's Stitchin' Time provides on-site Commercial Embroidery Machine Repair, Service, and Training on most brands of machines.

I began working on embroidery machines in 2008. Pantograms offered a technician’s class where they had one of the engineers that help design Toyota embroidery machines teach the class. I was able to graduate from the class and one of the things they told us is “If you can work on one embroidery machine you can work on any of them.”

I found that what they said is true, all embroidery machines are basically CNC, (Computer Numeric Controlled) machines like a laser cutter or a CNC Router. They have the same basic components. Some of them are configured differently but all are pretty much the same.

One thing that makes me different than other technicians is that I work on just about any embroidery machine. If you think of me as a doctor of embroidery machines, I would be considered a general practitioner. I know some machines better than others from on-the-job experience.







Here is a list of embroidery machine brands that I work on.


Germany: ZSK,

Japan: Barudan, Happy, Tajima, Toyota,

Korea: SWF

Chinese: Avance', BAI, Butterfly, Dublin, Highland, Mesa, Meistergram, Pantogram, Pro Capsule, Ricoma, and any Chinese made embroidery machine that uses Dahao software.





Embroidery Machine Certifications and Aprovals


I am currently certified, trained and/or approved as a technician for the following commercial embroidery machines. I am authorized to service, train and do warranty work on these machines.

2008: Toyota – Trained, and certified service and repair technician, rank A
2008: Happy – Certified and approved on single and multi-head machines.
2009: Meistergram - Trained, certified and approved on single and multi-head machines.
2009: Ricoma – Trained, certified and approved.
2013: ZSK – Trained, certified and approved on single and multi-head machines.
2014: Tajima – Approved by Hirsch.
2014: SWF – Approved by Stitch it International, Sew-tech, Coldesi and SWF Central.







Here are some of the locations and areas that I have done training and service.

  • USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) an aircraft carrier currently in service with the United States Navy
  • USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) the eighth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy
  • Black Daggers Parachute Demonstration Team Simmons Army Airfield, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort
  • Parris Island, USMC Marine Base
  • HRT counter terrorist tactical team compound, FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia,
  • Oklahoma State Penitentiary: Oklahoma Correctional Industries, Department of Corrections
  • Kansas Department of Corrections, El Dorado Correctional Facility (EDCF)
  • BUREAU OF CORRECTIONS, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
  • MasterCraft Boats
  • Searay Boats
  • Chapparal Boats









This is what is included in a general service and preventive maintenance.

  • Timing: Clean, deburr, replace, and/or reset hook timing as needed. 
  • Knife/Trimmer: Trimmer mechanism checked for proper function. New trimmer parts will be installed if needed.
  • Picker: Check picker action and adjust or replace as needed.
  • Wiper/ Thread Catcher: Check wiper function. Adjust or replace as needed.
  • Tensions: Check Tensions as needed.
  • Pantograph: Check belts for wear and tension. Replace and adjust as needed.
  • Addresses any other machine issues and customer concerns.
  • Oil and Grease machine per manufacturers specifications.
  • Perform a test sew out for the machine as needed.






Signup for a yearly or Bi-anual PM


PM, Periodic Maintenance.

PMs can be set for 1-year or 6-month periods. We will put you on the calendar and call you to schedule your service. If you dont need us at time we can move your service to a later date.

We try to schedule PMs when we are in the area so we can share the cost of travel with other customers.

If you are having issues with your machines please give us a call, but if you can wait on your scheduled maintenance you may be able to save some money.




Service Time Estimate:

On most single head machines I can do a periodic maintenance in less than two hours.

We do have a 2 Hour Minimum

I suggest allowing the following amount of time for your service

  • 1 HEAD = 1-2 hours
  • 2 HEAD = 2-3 hours
  • 4 HEAD = 3-4 hours
  • 6 HEAD = 4-8 hours
  • 8,12, & 15 HEAD = 6 + hours






Be Prepared for your Service:

There are a few things that you can do and have on hand that will help us when we schedule you for your service.

  • Order any parts that you think may be needed for the service and repair.
    • You may want to look at the Emergency Parts Information  listed below.
    • I carry some parts but I service so many brands of machines it is difficult to keep a good inventory.
  • Please have a chair available. I need to be eye level with the rotary hook and I don't get up and down like I used to.
  • Please have the machine threaded.  We don't mind threading your machine but it can save you service time if the machine is threaded when we arrive.
  • Please have a hoop ready for the sew out, one for each head. 
    • I use a H-test in a 5.5 inch (15cm) hoop with cutaway backing.
  • For a thorough service I need access to the rear of the machine.








  • Machine relocation and installation
  • Operation and Training classes
  • Digitizing
  • Phone Technical Support







Older Machines:

I enjoy working on embroidery machines but found that I cannot guarantee that I can fix all machines. Some machines, especially older machines, and ones that have been worked on by other technicians, sometimes present unique problems.

I have a fellow technician I work with sometimes that says “I will wash your car, mow your lawn, or work on your embroidery machine. But, I charge the same amount for any service call.”

Sometimes older machines present unique and interesting problems. Some of these machines I call my ZIP CODE MACHINES because I can repair one component of these machines and something else entirely unrelated may break before I get out of the Zip Code.

Some of the issues that I encounter are:

  • Older repairs done by other technicians or DIY Owners
  • Out of date technology.
  • Parts are not available.
  • Technical support may no longer be provided by their company.
  • The company may no longer be in business.
  • I am trained on machines that were built after 2007.

The bottom line is I will do my best to repair your machine but I cannot guarantee that I can repair these older machines. I will be happy to work on them, but I must charge for the time and expenses that it takes to stay in business.







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