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I need an advice for metalic thread. Specially When I am doing 3D job , keep thread break happens. I tried adjust tension (Top & Bottom) , replace new needle(75/11) , slow speed , adjust density.... I tried 3 different machines , still same problem. I am using Marathon thread. Is it better use madeira , RA or isa cord? I need a advice .

Thank you in advance..



AJST = As I understand it, (help me out if I am wrong), Metallic thread is usually made with Mylar chips. Mylar is the same thing they make those metallic looking balloons with. Grip the thread between your pointy finger and thumb and pull the thread and you can feel the chips.

You may have two separate effects interacting with the tension.
1. The larger chips causes more tension in some parts of the thread path because of the larger particles. example.... Butterfly clips. (Think playing cards in bicycle spokes) At the same time the plastic slides through some areas of the thread path easier. Example... under the tension disk where the thread holds the plates apart.

2. Because of the way the thread is made the strands of fiber holding the thread together may stretch under tension. Hold a piece of the thread about a foot apart and if you pull it it may stretch another 3 to 6 inches. The poorer quality thread will stretch more.

How to solve the issue...
1. Some metallic thread stretches so much you may not be able to adjust it out.
2. Loosen the upper tension a lot... I have even bypassed the per-tensioner at the top of the machine to get it to sew out.
3. Metallic thread has the tendency to knot up and kink. This is because of the rougher thread causes friction on itself and knots up. That is probably why Robert has had success with the silicone spray and EMBThtreads has had success with the Styrofoam.
You may want to try the plastic sleeves that some EMB supply companies offer. They hold the thread on the spools and keeps them from tangling.

You may also want to look at this youtube video. Metallic Thread Embroidery on a Commercial Embroidery Machine (Baby Lock Enterprise)