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Oil and Grease for your Embroidery Machine

Oil and Grease for your Embroidery Machine:

 In the maintenance field the general rule is anytime metal rubs against metal you put a dab of grease on it. Machine maintenance will prolong the life of your machine and give you more sewing time. Embroidery machines do not last forever but a little preventive maintenance will keep your machine running and trouble free.

Be aware that there are many types of oil and grease on the market, and some may not be too healthy for you machine. Let's examine the maintenance schedule and I recommend to keep you machine oiled and lubricated.

 You should follow the recommendations of your distributor and/or manufacturer. They usually have information and directions in the users manual or on their website. With that information in mind with most companies there are 3 different oiling/lubrication schedules. This of course depends on how heavily you use your machine.

Under normal use where the machine is used consistently but not constantly most manufacturers recommend a Daily, Weekly, and Yearly. If you are running constantly, as in 1000s of shirts none stop all day you may want to use 4 hours, Bi-weekly, and Bi-annual.




Cleaning and Maintenance Videos









My Grandma used to use 3 in 1 oil on her treadle foot sewing machine. We use the same oil today. We use Machine White Oil, or sewing machine oil. All of the oil shown below is the same oil, with a different delivery container. I like the Alba-5 or LB5 because of the simplicity of use.








WD-40 is a great cleaner and good for other purposes but evaporates quickly and can leave your machine unprotected.



 Grease comes in many varieties and viscosities. some of the things that you should look at when you choose your grease is the additives, the viscosity, temperature rating and waterproof.

I recommend Mystik JT6 because its clear and light. it looks about like Vasoline. and does not get on your clothing.
Mystik® JT-6® Multi-Purpose Grease
NLGI Class #2

Description: Mystik Multi-Purpose Grease is our most water resistant and water insoluble product. This product provides excellent anti-seize protection under high loads.

      White Lithium Grease is horrible, no good, very bad stuff    

White lithium grease is great for tractors, semi-trucks and farm equipment but you should never place it in the same room as your embroidery machine.

There are a number of white lithium greases on the market. The issue is that they come in a variety of viscosities. The two pictured below turn yellow with time and become very sticky. they will jam up your machine. Do not put them on your machine. If your manufacturer recommends White Lithium make sure to get their specific brand from them.