FOR SALE: 2 - Toyota Expert ESP 9100s


 2 - Toyota Expert ESP 9000 sold together or separately.

SN: V0663E = 948,592,000 stitch count

SN: W1772E = 030,535,000 stitches count

$15,000.00 Together including all hoops and accessories.

The Toyota ESP 9000 is a single-head, 15-needle commercial embroidery machine manufactured from around 2005-2008. It features a 270 degree Cap System. 

The Best Single Head Embroidery Machine for Your Home Business





Note: These machines were last seen by AJST on March of 2016. They are not certified at this time.

Note: These machines are located in South Georgia.



The Toyota ESP 9000 is a single-head, 15-needle embroidery machine manufactured from around 2005-2008. It features a 270 Cap System. The Toyota ESP 9000 series used a floppy disk drive to input design files. The successor to this model was the Toyota ESP 9100. Design-wise, the Toyota ESP 9000 is very similar to the first-generation Tajima NEO. The Toyota ESP 9000 reads .dst format files (same as Tajima).

Toyota ESP 9000 Specifications

  •     Sewing Speed: up to 1200 stitches per minute
  •     Stitching Area: 360(Y) x 500(X) mm 14 11/16(Y) x 19 11/16(X) inches
  •     Memory Capacity: 280,000 stitches (or up to 99 designs)
  •     Dimensions: 820(H) x 745(W) x 720(D) mm
  •     Weight: 82 Kg 180.6 lbs
  •     Pitch: 0.1 ~ 12.7mm
  •     Machine Motor: AC Servo
  •     Embroidery Frame Motor: AC Servo
  •     Functions: Thread Break Sensor | Bobbin Counter | Pattern rotate and mirror | Pattern repeat | Move hoop (offset) | Pattern Trace | Memory backup during a power interruption
  •     The 3.5-inch floppy disk drive

  •     15 needles with auto color change
  •     Expandable networking capability (modular system)
  •     Cap, tubular, flat
  •     Automatic thread trimmer
  •     The maximum speed of 1200 SPM
  •     270 wide cap frame (Ear to Ear)
  •     Direct cable connect included
  •     Automatic color change
  •     Advanced thread break detection
  •     Preview design trace mode
  •     13" x 19" Sewing field (for flats)
  •     Memory size 1,000,000 stitches
  •     Emergency stop
  •     This machine will do patches, applique, tackle twill, 3-D puffy foam, large embroidery and more.


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Optional Services:

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