Service and Repair



Service and Repair

AJ's Stitchin' Time provides on-site Commercial Embroidery Machine Repair, Service, and Training on most brands of machines.

9100xx Dennis is currently certified, trained and/or approved as a technician for the following commercial embroidery machines. We are authorized to service, train and do warranty work on these machines.

  • 2008: Toyota – Trained, and certified service and repair technician, rank A
  • 2008: Happy – Certified and approved on single and multi-head machines.
  • 2009: Meistergram - Trained, certified and approved on single and multi-head machines.
  • 2009: Ricoma – Trained, certified and approved.
  • 2013: ZSK – Trained, certified and approved on single and multi-head machines.
  • 2014: Tajima – Approved by Hirsch.
  • 2014: SWF – Approved by Sew-tech, Coldesi and SWF Central.


Here is a list of the the machines that I work and can train on. The ones Highlighted in red are the ones that I am certified, trained and/or approved as a technician from the manufacturer.
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Older Machines   

I enjoy working on embroidery machines but found that I cannot guarantee that I can fix all machines.  Some machines, especially older machines, and ones that have been worked on by other technicians, sometimes present unique problems.

I have a fellow technician I work with sometimes that says “I will wash your car, mow your lawn, or work on your embroidery machine. But, I charge the same amount for any service call.” Sometimes older machines present unique and interesting problems. Some of these machines I call my ZIP CODE MACHINES because I can repair one component of these machines and something else entirely unrelated may break before I get out of the Zip Code.   Some of the issues that I encounter are:

  • Older repairs done by other technicians or DIY Owners
  • Out of date technology.
  • Parts are not available.
  • Technical support may no longer be provided by their company.
  • The company may no longer be in business.
  • I am trained on machines that were built after 2007.

The bottom line is I will do my best to repair your machine but I cannot guarantee that I can repair these older machines. I will be happy to work on them, but I must charge for the time and expenses that it takes to stay in business.  

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Travel Plans: We may be servicing a machine near you. Follow this link to see my current travel plans.

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White Lithium Grease is horrible, no good, very bod stuff.

Oil and Grease for you Embroidery Machine

Old+Vintage+Oil+Can.webpIn the maintenance field the general rule is anytime metal rubs against metal you put a dab of grease on it.  Machine maintenance will prolong the life of your machine and give you more sewing time. Embroidery machines do not last forever but a little preventive maintenance will keep your machine running and trouble free.  

Be aware that there are many types of oil and grease on the market, and some may not be too healthy for you machine. Let's examine the maintenance schedule and I recommend to keep you machine oiled and lubricated. 

You should follow the recommendations of your distributor and/or manufacturer. They usually have information and directions in the users manual or on their website. With that information in mind with most companies there are 3 different  oiling/lubrication schedules. This of course depends on how heavily you use your machine. 

Under normal use where the machine is used consistently but not constantly most manufacturers recommend a Dailey, Weekly, and Yearly. If you are running constantly, as in 1000s of shirts none stop all day you may want to use 4 hours, Bi-weekly, and Bi-annual. 

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Happy Machine - Needle Bar Driver Roller Bearings

Needle Bar Driver Roller Bearings

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Travel Plans

"Projected" Travel Plans

Updated = 01/07/2021

 I Try to keep this page updated but my schedule is constantly changing. Check back frequently for up to date information.

Notice: On January 1, 2021 our travel rate is increased from .65 cent per mile to .75 cent per mile.

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Emergency Repair Kit

Nothing is worse than having a technician arrive at your business and after a brief look he tells you we must order parts. The repair is delayed, additional expenses of return service, and the lost use of the machine gets expensive. I have created a list of the most common parts and suggested things that may need to be replaced on a machine.

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Here are my Rates and Cost Estimates for service calls and training. Call or Send me your infomation and we can provide an estimate.


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