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I have a meistergram 1500 compact pro that will not sew. Machine seems to be sensing a thread break on every color that does not exist.The machine beigins to sew normally and then quickly stops and indicates a thread break, when there is none. This seems to be happening on every color. Is there a sensor or setting that could be giving me this error?
AJST = Check your thread path. The thread should be traveling around the little hubcap looking thing-a-ma-jig at the top part of the head. You may have to wrap the thread around the hubcap so it does not skip.

The thread sensor is inside the head behind these wheels. Check to see that it is attached correctly and plugged in. You shouldn't have an issue with this unless the head has been taken off, but sometimes the sensor goes bad.

The last thing that you can try is setting the sensitivity setting in the software. You can find the setting under MC/Main Data Parameters/ Thread Break Sensitivity. This option may be different depending on your version of software. You can also adjust the number of stitches that the machine will wait until it gives you a thread break by using the Thread Break Detect option.

Hope this helps. Dennis