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GS1501 frontSmallWritten by Dennis November 2013

There is a new kid on the block. The Pantograms GS-1501 offers a new and refreshing balance of Cost verses Quality. In September of 2012, Pantograms introduced the GS-1501. This new machine is a single head, fifteen-needle Commercial Grade Embroidery Machine that Pantograms had designed and built specifically for them. The GS sews as good as any machines on the market and you can buy two of these machines for what you will pay for one tier 1 machine.

 GS1501 angleSmallChinese machines have developed a horrible reputation in the embroidery world. They are typically underpowered, fragile, and poorly made. When compared to the other standard commercial embroidery machines the stitch quality is poor and they just do not hold up. Is it possible for China to turn out a decent embroidery machine? The answer is YES. I understand that Tajima and other tier 1 brands have factories in China and parts are made for their machines there. So what is the difference in the “Chinese Machines” and their Japanese counter parts? QUALITY CONTROL.


There is a new class of Chinese embroidery machines that are heads and shoulders above the competition. I call the new class of machines the Neo-Chinese Embroidery Machines. The Pantograms GS-1501 is truly a class apart from the old standard style of Chinese machine. See my article Neo-Chinese vs. Chinese Embroidery Machines, a History of Paperweights, and Boat Anchors. for more information

Pantograms introduced the GS-1501 in September 2012. I visited Pantograms warehouse in November of the same year and got a look at the new machine. The technicians introduced me to the machine and told me a little history. I also got to open one up to see what was under the hood.

Pantograms started looking for a machine to replace one that they had been selling for a few years. The other machine was a Chinese brand and was plagued by problems due to poor manufacturing and design flaws. They actually showed me a room that they called the graveyard that had about 10 to 15 brand new machines that they could not make work.

They started looking for a replacement with one goal in mind. Turn out a consistently made, high quality machine, that they would be proud to put their name behind. Pantograms found a new manufacturer in China that could fulfill these requirements. The new machine breaks away from the typical Chinese method of making machines.

Pantograms began working with the manufacturer to create their machine. They submitted their requirements and over a period of months, the GS-1501 was born. Doug was the lead technician at Pantograms for years. I interviewed him and he provided the following information.

“During the testing phase, we received a prototype and I was able to test it. I wanted to put it through the worst-case scenario possible, for example, what a brand new owner would put it through, one that knows nothing about embroidery, and see how it held up. I took the machine out of the crate, put thread on the machine, and started stitching. I did not oil it or grease it, or adjust any of the tensions. I just took it out of the box and started stitching.

The machine stitched over 750,000 stitches before it had its first thread break. That is over ¾ of a million stitches. “

The bottom line is that the Pantograms GS1501 is a great machine for the money. The GS stitches as good as the main name brand machines and do so for a portion of the price.