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Does anybody here use chineese embroidery machines? I've got two multihead Tajima but need more productivity and don't have a lot of money to spend for another Tajima. Is the quality of chineese brands better than it used to be few years ago?

AJST = I work on a lot of the Chinese machines and the main issue with most of them is quality control. You can get two identical machines off the same shipment and one may sew like a champ. The other may never sew a lick.


Coldesi, Ricoma, Pantograms, and Datastitch, are turning out a new single head machine that is head over hills better than the Chinese norm that we are all familiar with and that generate most of the negative views in the forums. These new machines, I unofficially named them Neo-Chinese machines, have better components, better electric boards, and are put together with better quality control than the normal Chinese machines. These new machines are still not as good as a Tajima, Barudan, or ZSK but they are half the price.

If you do decide to buy a multi-head Chinese machine I would strongly encourage you to buy from a distributor in the states. Most of the Distributors that I have worked with are very willing to work with you when you have an issue with your machine, they speak American most of the time, and they honor their warranties. Changing out the tension springs and knobs does help with the tension issues.

The time difference, distance, and language barriers work against you when you buy direct from overseas. Email correspondence takes about 24 hours, components and parts takes about 3 weeks to ship from overseas, and a overseas phone call to a person that may or may not speak engliss is expensive.

Re-sale value is another consideration. Do a Google search for used machines and compare a 10 year old Tajima verses a 10 year old Feiya. On the other hand, these used Chinese machines do make fantastic boat anchors.