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Hi Dennis,
I've got a problem with some particular reinforced hats that I've never encountered before. The hard plastic threads inside the hat are being pulled out and breaking needles. I'm not sure if there is a workaround or if the hats are just going to be problematic and to do the best I can with them with another method. I've really slowed everything down and tried hooping in the best ways I know how but this is also a new one for me. I added a pic of the "thread" problem. Any help would really be appreciated as the client will be in antsy/pressure mode soon.


From Dennis

I have recently had a lot of complaints about Richardson caps. They are great looking caps but the thick hard buckrum in the front shreds thread and breaks needles. Here are a few things that you can do that may help.

  • Hoop your cap tight and make sure that you get rid of as much of the space as you can between the cap and needle plate.
  • Several layers of backing may help with the stitching.
  • I have some customers that heat press the cap before they stitch it. This softens the plastic backing so it doesn’t shred the thread as much.