Service and Repair



I work on most brands of embroidery machines and in a unique position to evaluate and test most brands. I try to keep an unbiased opinion for my customers. This is what I think of Avance’.

Avance’ is one of the better Chinese machines on the market. It is patterned after the Pantograms GS-1501 with improvements, and upgrades. The biggest advantage of owning an Avance’ is the quality control used in building the machine and the customer support from the distributor. Each machine is set up when it is received from the factory and they test-sew and verify that the machine works like it should.  They sew a flat and cap design out on your machine. There is a single head model and a multi-head design. 

 Avance 1501C machine only

There are other machines on the market that have more bells and whistles. Brother has an automatic threader, one of the new Tajimas have an automatically adjustable presser foot, Melco has automatic tension adjustors, some has lasers for lining up your design. Do you need all of those gadgets to make money. You may see a lot of reviews from people comparing their machine to a Tajima or in your case you may compare them with a Toyota. What you should look at is the Cost vs Quality comparison. You can almost buy two Avance’s for what you will pay for a new Tajima, the Avance’ will sew as well as a Toyota or Tajima while costing a lot less.






Avance 4head 600x487