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I purchased a GS1501, got it running. But, when you turn it off, it does not save the design, or any of the settings. There is a place to change machine parameters, but it is password protected, is there a generic password or a way to reset to factory settings?



Many Commercial Embroidery Machines have a battery that maintains the parameters, settings and stored designs in the memory of the machine. The most common reason these machines loses its parameters is because of a dead battery. You will usually notice that the machine will not store any designs, it may come up in Chinese language and will not maintain any settings.

The battery is usually a small, flat, watch type battery, however they are sometimes oddly shaped and somewhat hidden. Some look like a tiny green beer keg or an electrical component.

The battery is usually located in one of two locations. Behind the keys in the control panel or on the main CPU/Control board. The batteries are usually clipped in but some are soldered.

Be very careful when replacing soldered batteries. The soldering iron can cause some batteries to explode.


 Batt 8  Batt 7
 Batt 6  Batt 3
 Batt 2  Batt 1
Batt 9 Batt 10
Batt 11 Batt 12
Batt 13