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I found your website because i was reading articles about chinese embroidery machines. So i found out that you know much about them. So maybe i can ask you few questions about them directly.

Here we have all kinds of machines, also chinese ones. As you wrote, some work great, some not that perfect. Now my question is: When a customer call you for service or help, from where do you get all parameters for the chinese machines to check and set? I repair all our machines by myself, but for chinese machines i just can try and check if all works. For Happy machines (as example) you get a complete service manual with every single parameters. For chinese machine it seems that such stuff doesnt exists. 

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Dahao software is a generic software used in 99 percent of Chinese machines before about 2008 . Dahao supplied the electronics and many of the motors and electrical sensors for the machines. The software is still used today in most Chinese machines. Dahao software is configured to the specific machine that it is loaded on. The software has a lot of features that your machine may or may not have. The software will still have the settings for Sequins, Cording and Boring that you may not have on your machine. The features are there and can in most cases be activated.

As for the answer to your question, I understand most of the Chinese machines are built by a couple of companies and rebranded for sale. You can start your own company by supplying your specs, (this size motor for this, this monitor etc…). They will build your machine and put your name on it. The parameters are set for the specific machine by the manufactures when they build the machine. The settings are not generic for all machines. Higher quality Chinese machines usually come with an operator’s manual with the parameters for that machine noted in the manual. Your best source for the parameters is the company from whom you buy the machine from.