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Thread is thread… right? WRONG. You can reduce thread breaks and make your embroidery look better by using a higher quality thread. I am not suggesting that you replace all of your old thread, just be aware that you may have more problems with what you have now. Replace it as you use it with the higher quality thread.

Here are a few things you need to know about thread.




  • Thread type –
    • Most new machines come with 40 weight polyester thread.
    • With thread the higher the weight in thread the smaller in diameter it is. If you go from a 40 weight thread to a 60 weight thread the thread diameter is smaller. You will need to tighten the upper tension to adjust for smaller thread.
    • Thread comes in many different flavors including polyester, rayon, cotton, silk, acrylic, metallic, etc… Most machines will use any type of thread you just may have to adjust the tension to make it work.
  • Thread quality –
    • Spend a little more money and buy a good quality name brand thread. I would suggest Madeira, Isa-Cord, Coats, Robinson Anton, and Gunold. You will see a big difference in the color and diameter consistency, and the strength of the thread.
    • Cheaper thread and thread that you get from the bargain sites tend to be brittle and inconsistent. I had problems setting the tension on some threads and found that the diameter of the thread changed as I pulled it through my fingers.
  • Thread source –
    • Be careful where you buy your thread. Fabric stores and department stores may have thread stored in warehouses for years in non-climate controlled conditions. Thread gets brittle with age and if improperly stored.
    • Some colors are more popular than others, watch out for the spool that keeps getting pushed to the back of the shelf.
    • You may need to buy that one small spool to monogram that baby blanket with a special periwinkle. Just be aware that you may have more thread breaks than normal.
  • Thread Storage-
    • Humidity, UV rays, dust, dry air, and age all have effects on the durability of thread.
    • I use plastic tubs to store my thread in.
    • Be careful about buying your inventory of thread. Try to rotate your old thread out as you use it.