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This is a method for doing Cut-In-Place Applique'.

I have had a lot of customers that have asked me how to do applique'. This is a how to, or DIY method for sewing it out yourself. I will try to do a digitizing article for this later.

There are two main methods for making applique'. There is Pre-Cut Applique' and Cut-In-Place method for making applique'.

Here is one technique I use to make Cut-In-Place Applique'.



DSC 0155

DSC 0042

The First Step is to hoop your shirt, blanket or other item that you are appliqueing. For this one I used backing and placed the shirt in a 12 in square hoop.

DSC 0044

 I placed the cloth over the hoop and smoothed it out. If you were doing this in a production setting you could use a temporary adhesive spray to hold the cloth down and smooth it out.

DSC 0047

The first part of the design sews a running stitch around the perimeter of the design. Stop the machine at the end of this step.

DSC 0049

DSC 0060

Cut the excess cloth from the design. It is easier to cut if you can remove the hoop from the machine.

DSC 0080

Replace your shirt and the design then sews the next part of the applique down.

DSC 0088

DSC 0104
For the next step place the second piece of cloth on top of the hoop and start the design again. Stop the machine when you finish the running stitch.

DSC 0115

DSC 0121
Cut the excess of the second cloth from the design, then replace the hoop. It is important to cut as close to the stitches as possible.

DSC 0148

The final step is to start the machine again and stitch the satin stitch down.

DSC 0155