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I have a 12 needle embroidery machine that powers up but that is about all, can't get the needles to advance.  You gave me advice on this back in April 2014, with no luck on getting it going again.  Last year was just a plain wash since we moved our business..but now I would like to get this going again.

Here is a run down of events

Replaced battery~didn't help



Contacted Generations they had me ship them both chips, when I told them the issue, they reprogrammed them for a charge, shipped them back~didn't help

Generations had me send them the main board to put in their machine to diagnose after 4 weeks of calling every day~was told needed a new board mine was toast, was also told they don't have any in stock that she would contact China to see if they had any.  Got a new board  in, and my machine told me I only had 6 needles (instead of 12), after back and forth communications they gave me correct code to insert to read all the needles. (in meantime sent old board to place in Georgia, Global Electronics Services, they claimed after paying $1200 that there wasn't any issues with the board, that they were able to power it up, not sure with out the machine how) Before the screen was froze and wouldn't boot, then it was like the software was for a 20" monitor instead of 5", now it won't advance to change needles, not by telling it thru the screen codes or by just simply pressing a number (which should move the needle)  At this point I don't know what could not be working since I'm not past this point.  After I initially got this machine I was able to embroider about 6 projects, with no knowledge of this machine was able to figure most of it out on my own. My reason for contacting you again is to see if you work out of your place if I were to send it to you, I see from the past you usually don't make it to Elkhart, IN until the fall months,(I hate that I missed it again this past year),  I can take the machine off the cart and have it crated, but if you can't, I would like to get on a potential schedule. The main board it is a E850 C-0209 (my screen controller, if needed is BECS-28)  My machine is a Generations 1201CS and it's Dahao, Attached are some pictures, you can see it comes on, I have green ok light  by tension knobs, it's in needle 6 position, but screen says Needle 0

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for contacting me. It sounds like you’re having a heck of a time with your machine.

First thing… that machine is probably worth $2000.00 to $2500.00 if it was running, so I am not sure you want to sink too much more money in it. It sounds like you have a substantial investment in it now. With that being said, I know that it is difficult to just give up on what you have invested.

Dahao software is used on 99 percent of the Chinese embroidery machines in 2003. They also used the same software in a number of other machines such as quilting machines, and sequin machines. The only difference in the software for your machine and a 12 head, 15 needle machine are the parameters used to configure the software.

When your battery died on your control board you lost your parameters. The parameters tell the machine that it has 15 or 12 or 9 needles. It also tells it that you are using a certain sized stepper motor or a specific solenoid in the machine. Also the monitor issue could be set to the wrong monitor, so that may be why you are having that issue.

All the parameters are usually listed in your operator’s manual that came with the machine. Hopefully you have the operator’s manual, it is the one for your specific machine, and all will live happily ever after. Or…. If you don’t have that specific manual, you will need to go through the parameters one by one and make sure it is set to the machine.

If the machine is telling you that it is on needle 0 then your potentiometer may be defective. Turn the knob that changes the head from one head to the next and see if a number appears.