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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I get asked a lot of questions so here are some Frequently asked Question snd my responses.


Stitching on hard structured, buckram, caps.

Hi Dennis,
I've got a problem with some particular reinforced hats that I've never encountered before. The hard plastic threads inside the hat are being pulled out and breaking needles. I'm not sure if there is a workaround or if the hats are just going to be problematic and to do the best I can with them with another method. I've really slowed everything down and tried hooping in the best ways I know how but this is also a new one for me. I added a pic of the "thread" problem. Any help would really be appreciated as the client will be in antsy/pressure mode soon.

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Cut in Place Applique'

This is a method for doing Cut-In-Place Applique'.

I have had a lot of customers that have asked me how to do applique'. This is a how to, or DIY method for sewing it out yourself. I will try to do a digitizing article for this later.

There are two main methods for making applique'. There is Pre-Cut Applique' and Cut-In-Place method for making applique'.

Here is one technique I use to make Cut-In-Place Applique'.

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Metalic thread problem-Help!

I need an advice for metalic thread. Specially When I am doing 3D job , keep thread break happens. I tried adjust tension (Top & Bottom) , replace new needle(75/11) , slow speed , adjust density.... I tried 3 different machines , still same problem. I am using Marathon thread. Is it better use madeira , RA or isa cord? I need a advice .

Thank you in advance..


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Thread Tension

Thread Tension

Thread tension is often misunderstood and an elusive skill to most embroidery machine operators. Some machine manufactures advise new owners to not touch the tension. In most cases they are right.

As you learn how to use your machine the correct tension will make a huge difference in quality of your work.

This article looks at thread tension and how to adjust it.


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