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 People bring you all kinds of things to embroider, and you can get into some real trouble if you mess it up. Stitching the wrong color, in the wrong place and any other various errors can put a real cramp in your paycheck.

When we first started business we were doing some towels for a friend of the wife's. We were sewing one initial on a set of 8 towels, and we gave them the friends and family discount, a whopping $3.00 a piece. Everything was going well until the last towel when my machine became hungry and ate it. The towel slipped and the hoop came apart. I tried to fix the towel and knocked a hole in it. I tried something else and hole got bigger. We finally decided that we had to replace the towel.

The label had a fancy name and informed us that the towel was made of 800 thread count Egyptian cotton. So the search began. Over the next few days Tracee went to Macys, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Sears, Neiman Marcus etc.. and could not find a replacement for the Fancy Named, 800 thread count, Egyptian cotton towel. She finally gave up and called her friend.

Her friend told her not to worry about it, she bought the towel at Walmart.

So to recap this sad tale, Tracee spent about three days searching for a towel to replace a 5 dollar towel from Walmart. We only made $3.00 on it.



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Reoccurring question from new embroider:

I need an advice for metallic thread. Specially When I am doing 3D job , keep thread break happens. I tried adjust tension (Top & Bottom) , replace new needle(75/11) , slow speed , adjust density.... I tried 3 different machines , still same problem. I am using Marathon thread. Is it better use Madeira , RA or Isacord? I need a advice .

Thank you in advance...





Great tools for use with your embroidery machine.


When it comes to commercial embroidery machines there are all kinds of things that you can buy to make your work easier. Some things work better than others and some don't work at all.

Here are some reviews and information on some things that I have found.





Hi Dennis,

I've got a problem with some particular reinforced hats that I've never encountered before. The hard plastic threads inside the hat are being pulled out and breaking needles. I'm not sure if there is a workaround or if the hats are just going to be problematic and to do the best I can with them with another method. I've really slowed everything down and tried hooping in the best ways I know how but this is also a new one for me. I added a pic of the "thread" problem. Any help would really be appreciated as the client will be in antsy/pressure mode soon.


From Wikipedia (Appliqué - Wikipedia): Appliqué is ornamental needlework in which pieces or patch of fabric in different shapes and patterns are sewn or stuck onto a larger piece to form a picture or pattern.

Two of the most common ways to do applique' with an embroidery machine is using a technique called Pre-Cut Applique' and with another technique called Cut-In-Place Applique'

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