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Motor Lock or Main Shaft Error

Sometimes your Avance' 1501 may give a main motor lock or main shaft error. This error also is known to occur in Toyota 9100, Toyota 9000, Tajima TEJT Neo, and Tajima TEJT Neo II.

A number of things may cause this, including but not limited to:

  • Stalled Rotary Hook-
    • Worn, friction seized. Caused by heavy use and poor oiling.
    • Object stuck in the rotary hook. broken needle, thread, etc.
  • Main Motor defect.
  • Dry bearings/ bushings.
  • Main motor linkage.

This article addresses the Dry bearing/bushing issue.



What is a bearing and what is a bushing?

Bronze BushingsAbout Bushings
Bushings, also called sleeve bearings, slide over smooth rods and provide an extremely low friction motion which minimizes power consumption, noise, and wear on parts. Bushings look like plain metal tubes


Rolling (Ball) BearingsRolling (Ball) Bearings
A bearing is a mechanical component that usually possesses a rolling or sliding component that further reduces the friction between the moving shaft and the stationary hole or reference point.  The most common and easily identifiable type of bearing is probably the ball or roller bearing.


Many commercial single-head embroidery machines are copied from the Toyota and Tajima models including Avance', Butterfly, Dublin, Highland, Mesa, Meistergram, Pantograms, Pro Capsule, Prodigi, Ricoma, and many others. This was a remarkably successful design and proved to be economical and very sturdy.

Most of these machines probably have bushings on the upper and lower shafts which are sleeves made from bronze or some other soft metal. When oil dries it sometimes hardens and or becomes sticky. This can cause the shafts that pass through the bushings to create friction and can cause the main motor to stall.

The procedure below helps free the bushings if you are getting a main motor lock. This may not be exactly the same for all machines but should give you an idea of how to free bushings if this is the issue.

Cover to remove for upper bushing oiling spot

Grease in a can  

Remove these 2 screws and this cover to gain access to the Bushing Top Oiling Spot. You will need to use some type of penetrating oil to free up the bearing/bushing. Oil the points shown in the three photos below. You may want to turn off the Thread Break Sensor and run the machine for several minutes as you drip oil into the holes and on the bearings/bushings.

Bushing top oiling spot  upper shaft bearing Thrust Bearing

 Complete the procedure by oiling the remaining oiling points on your machine.




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