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Premium Startup Pack - $600.00

I do a lot of training and in some instances, I have customers who have bought used machines. I have compiled two list of things you should have to begin using your machines.

If you have bought your machine from a company I would encourage you to go to their store for supplies. I have listed items from a couple of sources but you can use any supplier that you wish.

 The Premium Startup Pack – includes a more comprehensive experience during your training and will provide a wider range of information. Check the supplies and things that you received with your machine and buy additional items as needed. or  We can put these packs together for you, for more information call Tracee.



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Thread, Parts, and Supplies
Backing & Topping CutAway 30-8.8 - E-Z CUT SPR HFTY JR 3.0oz 8inX8in 250/pk WHITE 2
30-24-100 - E-Z CUT SPR HFTY JR 3.0oz / 24inX100yd ROLL WHITE 1
TearAway 17-8.8 - E-ZEE TEAR PLS-SOFT 1.8oz / 8inX8in 250/pk WHITE 2
17-19-100 - E-ZEE TEAR PLS-SOFT 1.8oz / 19inX100yd ROLL WHITE 1
Topping 101-23-25 - E-ZEE AQUA SUPREME 20mic 23inX25yd ROLL TOPPING 1

12-18-R-10 - E-ZEE 3D FOAM 3mil 12inX18in 10/pk RED 1
12-18-B-10 - E-ZEE 3D FOAM 3mil 12inX18in 10/pk BLACK 1
Bobbins Bobbins 12434 - MAGNETC SIDELESS BOBBIN L 135yd 100/bx POLY FILAMNT 1
  131-114 - COATS SIDED BOBBIN L 114yd 144/bx SPUN POLY  
  602-1058 - TOWA BOBBIN CASE STYLE L W/PIGTAIL (nickle size) 1
Needles Needles 102-60-S - MADEIRA NEEDLE #60/8 LG EYE SHARP 100/bx 1
  102-75-S - MADEIRA NEEDLE #75/11 LG EYE SHARP 100/bx 1
  102-90-S - MADEIRA NEEDLE #90/14 LG EYE SHARP 100/bx 1
Thread   Polyneon #40, 1100 Yard Mini Snap Cones  
  Polyneon #40, 5500 Yard Cone 15
  Polyneon #60, 1640 Yard Mini Snap Cones 4
Lubricants and Adhesives Adhesive 157-1000 - MADEIRA SPRAY ADHESIVE 17oz can 1
Oil 157-5 - LB5 SPRAY OIL LUBRICANT 9oz can 1
  JoAnn Fabrics  
Tools & Assessories Scissors Fiskars - 9" Razor Edge Scissors Softgrip   Item # 12647160 1
  Fiskars -Premier No. 5 Micro-Tip Scissors Item # 1751536 1
  Fiskars® Craft Curved 4" Scissors Item # 2550051 1
  Tweezers 957-6 - TWEEZERS 6in FINE POINT BENT TIP 1