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 Customer Supplied Garment Waiver,



 A little story: Tracee brought home some towels to embroider from one her friends. These were 800 count, Egyptian cotton towels, (I don’t recall all the specifics, only that they looked expensive.) I was putting one initial on each towel and my machine moved or something happened on the last towel that made it ugly. I tried to fix it which made it uglier, and finally came to the conclusion that I could not repair the towel.

Tracee went to a number of stores looking for the towel, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Sears, and a bunch of others. She spent a couple of days trying to find them and finally called her friend to say that she couldn’t find the towel.

Here friend said, “Oh that’s alright, I got them at Walmart.” Lesson learned, I was charging $5.00 to put that initial on the towel and Tracee spent two days trying to replace it. $2.50 a day is not very profitable.

So I did a little research and was recommended this.

Customer Supplied Garment Waiver,

     At AJs Stitchin Time we prefer to work on garments and items we obtain from our suppliers. We use clothing and items in our embroidery that have been tested and proven to provide quality embroidery. Embroidery machines can be fickle and sometimes eat garments. Occasionally during the embroidery process, a garment or item will be damaged. Sometimes we may experience unexpected results sewing on untested material. We may have a misunderstanding about color or placement of the design.

     If we have supplied the garment or item, we have calculated a margin of error in the cost and will replace it. We cannot replace garments or items we have not sold or provided. If you supply the garment or item and there is a problem, we do not replace your item. Your damaged piece will be returned to you as is. Problems do not arise often, but the customer must be aware and agree to the possibility.

     By signing this waiver, the customer releases AJs Stitchin Time of all responsibility in the instance of damaged or unexpected results to the customer’s supplied garment or item to be embroidered.

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