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Digitizing, Vector, and Graphic Art

AJ’s Stitchin’ Time provides quality Digitizing, Vector, and Graphic Art Services.

Basically an embroidery machine is a big printer, it prints with stitches instead of ink. At least that was what first caught my attention in the embroidery world. People were taking my designs and putting them on shirts and hats. I thought that if they could do that I could. We ended up buying and embroidery machine and creating our own shirts and caps.

I can’t compete with some of these companies overseas that charge 12 dollars for a logo and that will have it back to you the next day. Some of these companies are good, some not so much. Most of them will send you the logo and you are not sure if it will stitch out or not. Most charge by the stitch so sometimes the designs are loaded with extra stitches.

I am more concerned with quality Digitizing. We try to stitch out every design before we send it to the customer to assure that the design stitches out correctly and economically.


Carmel Colts Logo2  Carmel Elementary School Logo, Designed, Digitized and stitched by AJST.
    This is an example of a ring bearers pillow. I found the Celtic Love knot on-line and digitized it using Forte'
    This a Applique' and Embroidery on Vinyl that I designed and made ofr Original's.  They used it as a sign for thier business.
 St Tammany Fire Rescue  St Tammany I digitized this patch from the picture supplied by the customer.



 I am currently digitizing some patches for the United States Marines.I am doing the battalion, company and unit patches for Parris Island and doing the unit patches for the Airbase.
  1stBn 1st Recruit Training battalion VMFA 251
  Combat Logistics Company MWSS 273 H&HS MCAS
 VMFA 115 VMFA 115 b VMFA 122
VMFA 533 VMFT 312 VMFT 501