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Wedding Embroidery


We cover training for novice embroiderers and someone just breaking into the field to experienced embroiders needing to learn a new machine. The training is geared toward you and your needs.


For complete information see out Training page catagory

We cover four areas topics,good chalkboard

  • Getting to know your machine
  • Machine operation
  • All about embroidery
  • Digitizing software = We train on Wilcom and Forte'

We tailor our embroidery training to you and your employee’s needs. We train you on your Commercial Embroidery Machine at your home, shop, or place of business. Training can last from two hours to two or three days depending on how fast you and your employees pick it up and what you want to get out of the class. Our goal is to get you up and stitching before the end of training.

Travel Plans: We may be Training near you. Follow this link to see my current travel plans.